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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 WAEC English Language Expo [UPDATED: Obj Essay and Orals]









but no number 84 and 95.....


||2.private institutions provide accessto those who can afford to pay forthe instruction. few private universities can afford scholarship programmes for students from poor economic backgrounds, or are able to provide academic support programmes for ill-prepared students. as a result, private universities contribute little to social mobility or to providing educational opportunities for bright but underprivileged students. letting market forcesdetermine who gets to study at private universities ensures thatonly those who can afford the tuition fees will be able to attend.
the professoriate is a central part of any university, and the relationship between private institutions and the academic professionmust be considered. academic freedom and the autonomy ofthe professoriate arecentral tothe idea of a modern universityhowever, this is sometimes seen to be in conflict with the market orientation of private higher education. the professoriate traditionally has a central rolein designing the curriculum and there is a commitment to freedom to pursue knowledgeinthe classroom. the traditional values of academia are absorbed with time. muchof the private sector is new, and so it is especially important that these values beinstilled into the norms of the institutions and their faculties at the outset.
in conclusion, the discussion highlights the fact that education unquestionably plays a vital role in national development in terms of economic and social freedom that higher education is a central performer within the overall education of a is worthnoting that any progress in education contributes to successful national development.on the other hand, any shortfall brings about its destruction. thus, if any specific part of education, educational policy, management, governance or quality of education forms a barrier to national development as a whole,then the education of the country will be regarded as declining, and the decline of education is a threat to national development.

||6.a) The evidence in the passage show that the writer took place long time agao is ' That was decades ago'.
b. Mr. Ogun won the writer
h.i) Luckless- unfortunate
h ii)consult- look into
iii) Meticulously - carefully
iv.)Amazement- surprise
terrifying- fearful
critical- serious

7a. mr nijobe was sickly and malnutrished
7b. The writter associated mr nijobe with
the apatheid system in south africa
7c. It suggest that the students did not see
mr nijobe as a good or competent
mathematics teacher
7d. It was the new teacher ability to teach
with consulting any text book taht impress
the writter in the first lesson
7e. The new taecher used pratical, close and
relalistic methodlogy during his lesson
instead of examples from the text book 7f. Nounclause function: object of the verb
7g. Personification
ii. Check or look at iii. Plentefull
iv. Surprise
v. Fearful or dreadful
vi. Serious

8a) The first stage in the publication og bookdeals with idea conception.
The next stage focuses on the seach for academics who translates the ideas in to the script.
The manuscript is also carefully screened to determine if it is good for publication.
The stage is the adjustment of words to match the space allocated to them
8B.) The publishing house creates awareness for as book by advertising the book to likely readers through mass media of mass communication.
D. The writer was impressed by the fact that he did not consult his text book throughout the lesson period
E. He did not use an apparatus or instruments for measurements.
fi) noun clause
fii) object of the sentence
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